Vintage Sci-Fi Anthologies

Sci-Fi author Ruth Masters has carefully selected a fantastic selection of short stories in these newly published anthologies. Crammed with amazing, imaginative tales, originally published in the popular pulp sci-fi magazines of the mid-20th century.  These anthologies evoke a bygone era of science fiction; an era that had a strong influence on Ruth's own novels.

The Red Planet

 For over a century, Mars has fired the creativity of sci-fi writers, captivated by its red glow, its proximity to our homeworld and the tantalising possibility of alien life. This collection contains 11 vintage stories, inspired by this intriguing planet.

Close Encounters

This collection contains 12 vintage stories about ordinary people meeting extraordinary aliens – some friendly, some hostile...

Pioneers of Space

In this anthology, we meet the heroes and villains at the forefront of Earth’s first forays into space: the astronauts, explorers, scientists and profiteers, vividly brought to life by the sci-fi authors of the mid-20th century.

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