Dementia & the Family, 10 copies

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Dementia & the Family, by Rachel Johnstone, is all about helping families to live well with dementia. Through an intergenerational approach to caring for a loved one with dementia, the book will give families the confidence , knowledge and self-belief in the difference they can make. 

The book is idea for use by families supporting loved ones at home, as well as by people working in care homes, memory cafes, day services and voluntary organisations. 

  • 160+ inter-generational activities which will spark memories, stimulate engagement, encourage interaction and which focus on your loved one’s capabilities and interests

  • Activities include an explanation about the benefits and some adaptations for different stages of dementia. They are organised by theme: reminiscence trips and activities; games; arts, craft and music; relaxation, exercise and outside; home, food and shopping; something for you

  • Step-by-step framework to show how to develop your own successful family activities

  • Further sections on: caring for a loved one with dementia; how to talk to children about dementia; how memory works; creating a dementia-friendly home; communicating with someone with dementia


"I have personal experience of being a long-term informal carer for close relatives with dementia and understand the emotional and practical difficulties this role brings. I wish I had this book to refer to years ago - it is such a valuable resource in so many ways."

 Margaret Lovell, Admiral Support Worker & Carer


"A valuable resource for families, care homes and any person working with or supporting people with dementia. There are very many activities and ideas that can help to support communication and retain relationships as well as providing occupation and interest for people with dementia."

Loraine Butterworth, Admiral Nurse Clinical Lead


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